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What is the ultimate expression of love?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God


Ultimate Expression

“Whether out of fear or dread or out of love and compassion, its power saves and transforms from darkness to light. Out of love, My Son came and died and lives eternally. His love for Me and His obedience to My will was the ultimate expression of one who loves and is willing to give himself to others - to save or help them. He cannot be surpassed for His faith. He cannot be surpassed for His hope and anticipation of what is to be. But most of all He cannot be surpassed in His love for Me and you, as expressed in His coming to earth to die for the sinful - those who were enemies and against Him in all areas of their lives.”

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

As a Christian, there are many ways in which we can express our love for God. But what better way than using Jesus’ example of love. This is the Ultimate Expression of LOVE.

Jesus loved God and obeyed God in every aspect of His life. He not only was in obedience to every desire of the Father, He was willing to give Himself to others - to save them and help them.

Ultimate Expression

Within this ultimate expression of His Love, His faith could not be surpassed or exceeded. His hope or confident expectation of what is to be come could not be altered.

Most of all Jesus’ expression of love for the Father cannot be surpassed.

And His love for us was expressed in His coming to earth to die for us, even though we were sinners.

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While this was happening God spoke again,

“I live in the praises that come from the lips of men whose hearts are totally and completely submitted unto Me. It is no sacrifice for that man, for he has already given up the world - the world has no more appeal to him. He has given the world over to sacrifice to Me through praise and adoration.

“My son, fear not to praise Me fully from the very depths of your heart and being, for I shall be there, and I shall create praise to come forth from your heart and lips that you will not understand. But it will elevate Me and bless you. For in praise there are two directions of benefits and blessings - from you to Me and from Me to you. It is a Circle of Blessing that enhances your life and beautifies My life. It is a circle that grows strong with each passing day and will grow stronger throughout eternity - eternal praise to Me - eternal blessings to you.”

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