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What does it Cost Men to Serve Satan? What is the Price?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God


The world is not long to stay in its decrepit state; for My Son is due to return and set up His rule. His rule, as I said before, will be with a rod of iron. Many of My servants will be true and faithful to Him prior to His return; and this is pleasing to Me. For there will be bad times prior to My Son’s return. The times will be so bad that men will desire to die rather than face the next day.

All this will be brought about by themselves; for they will have gone after Satan and worshiped him. It is true that as a man turns to Satan things will occur in his life which on the surface are for his good. But in the end, he must pay the price. And Satan’s price is very heavy. The price of one soul is very high; but men throw themselves to Satan not knowing that they are really throwing their life away. If only they would come to Me, I could give them all their heart desires; yet they will not. Being righteous and true and faithful as I am, I must give them the reward of their labors. When a person labors for Satan, his reward is death. For Satan can only give death. This is all he has to give; for this is all I have given him to recompense his servants. Certainly a high price to pay for so little.

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

We are living in the days where true Christians are repulsed at what they see. God looks down on the events occurring in the world and sees an abomination. God’s timetable for Jesus to come again has not been revealed yet. But, in that we are in the last days, He will be returning as soon a God says ‘enough is enough’

The last days will be a time of terrible events and unbearable circumstances which will drive the unsaved to the point of preferring death rather than living another day.

Prior to this abominable time the unsaved were deceived into believing that following Satan would have good results for them. They believed that serving Satan (or following His unspeakable ways) would have beneficial results and be rewarded with many earthly benefits. Many just didn’t think. They just followed the pleasures of corrupt living and didn’t think about tomorrow. They became servants of Satan.

In all cases, tomorrow will come and they will be rewarded by Satan for their service. Satan only has one method of payment for them, and that is Death.

Why should we Christians devote some of our time to convert them to Christ? Because if we are successful, we will be saving a lost soul from the eternal death in the fiery pit of hell.

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