G o d ' sS p o k e s m a n

What is Needed Besides the KEY of FAITH
to utilize what is contained in God’s Treasure Chest?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God


“Remember that you now live in a new world. You are a new creature, You are no longer hindered by the body. The soul is no longer your master. The Spirit is now in you and your spirit is now in command. Hear this My son. Faith and love are your heritage; for they are in you. You responded to My love through faith. Now, My son, I respond to your faith through love. As you exert your faith in love, I will respond to that. If you exert your faith without love, I have no obligation to respond and many times will not respond. It is My decision and My will, and I sovereignly choose one or the other. Hear this, My son, I am your provider, sustainer, redeemer, friend. But I do not exert My power on your behalf unless there is a need.

That need is fulfilled because of My love for you. But when you request something that is not an absolute need (and I determine the need) then My response is in response to your love and faith. If either are missing, I am not required by My own laws to grant it. But if you exert your faith through love, I am bound to grant it as long as it does not interrupt My ultimate plan.”

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

John 14:14 says,” if you ask anything in My name, I will do it.” There are some qualifications to that scripture. The assumption to using Jesus name is that we Love Him and Trust (have Faith in) Him. All prayer should be encircled with love and faith.

The Key

The sum of this scripture is that if we go to God in prayer (with LOVE in our heart and a strong FAITH), God’s Treasure Chest opens wide. By praying to God (according to His will), with Love for Him in our heart and with a strong Faith, we can have an expectation He will answer our prayer.

Possibly we cannot expect an answer if our Love for God is missing or our Faith is weak. The decision to grant or dismiss the prayer is up to God. Our expectation of an answered prayer is diminished.

Even if our prayer contains love and faith there is still a stipulation that you need what you are asking for. James 4:3 says, “You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures”. If we pray a prayer based upon a what we perceive to be a need, God determines whether to answer the prayer or not, even though we have girded it with love and faith.

To be assured God gives proper attention to our requests, Love Him and have Faith in Him

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“God, who has all knowledge, all wisdom, and all understanding, has held back much from man’s view. The mysteries of the universe will remain mysteries until God chooses to reveal them. He holds the power to withhold or reveal knowledge, wisdom, or understanding, as He wills.

“Any man who understands the mysteries hidden by God (or obtains wisdom or knowledge) does so only as a result of God’s desire to give it to him. Man cannot grasp the great mysteries of God, nor does he understand His ways unless God Himself reveals them.

“Is it not God who spreads out His light among men that they might have knowledge and understanding? Is it not God who reveals the secrets of wisdom to those who come to Him in trust and obedience? Is it not God who removes the cover from that which is hidden and makes known the unknown? Is not each of these revelations a glorious gift - a gift given by God - a gift to be cherished?

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