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Why must temptation to do evil be brought before man?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God


“Satan, has been placed upon this world to tempt man into sin. My desire is not for man to sin, but to come to Me and Me only in love and trust for that who I AM. In order for man to have a choice, I must provide him with opportunities to choose. Therefore, I must allow him to be tempted. Think not this strange for My plan calls for this. Man must come to Me by making a clear choice between Me and that which is opposed to Me, even now it is Satan. ”

Evil Temptation

“If Satan did not exist there would be no choices of the nature I require. To further clarify this, temptation to do wrong and evil must be brought before man before he will be able to make a choice, whether to do it or not. Satan and his rebellious hoards are doing this now and will do this until the end. At which time, I will cast him into the lake of fire. But, for now, he must do that which he likes - drawing men away from Me. He has done this since his beginning and he cannot change. He will always do this as long as I permit him. You cannot see this right now, but it will become clearer as time goes by. Hold to My truths and ”

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

From the above comments from the Creator, we have to make a choice between God and Satan. It is a requirement. God wants us to clearly make a choice between Him and the one He created, even Satan. It is not an ‘if’, ‘but’, or ‘maybe’. It is what it is. We have to make a choice between God, the I AM and righteousness or Satan, the Destroyer and the dark world that he represents.

Satan’s world is filled with evil entities whose main object or duty is to entice you into their dark world. They make it attractive and desirable. Their goal is to deceive you into believing that the dark world is better than what God has to offer.

God desires that we totally reject what Satan has to offer, which can be attractive to our fallen nature. Following the path into Satan’s dark world of sin and unrighteousness has only one reward for serving him. The only thing Satan can give for choosing Him is eternal death.

God wants our love and trust. He wants our faith to be in Him and His method of living through a righteous and sinless life.This means He wants us to make a choice to follow His path of righteousness which has many benefits, the most important being eternal life.

There is not much more to be said concerning the choice every man, woman, and child on earth must make during their lifetime. The choice is to CHOOSE LIFE or CHOOSE DEATH.

Eternal Life

Eternal Death

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The Spirit continued to speak and open my understanding,

“Eternity shall never be devoid of hope. It exists today just as surely as God exists. And it shall last throughout the endless ages because of the goodness of the Eternal One.

“Hope is a part of the Ancient Ones eternal essence, and as long as you are indwelled by His presence, you shall have reason to confidently expect His goodness to be eternally expressed to you.

“Gift upon gift, blessing upon blessing, revelation upon revelation are yours to look upon and receive. You shall never be wanting or lacking, for every day is new and everything is fresh in the Kingdom of God.”

While the Spirit was revealing this new understanding of the eternalness of hope, I experienced an inner joy and expectation I had never felt before. An indescribable expectancy of what was to come captured my thinking. I became aware that eternity will be filled with hope - excitement and anticipation - confident expectation of receiving new and more fantastic gifts.

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