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Why was Satan Created and for what Purpose?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God

Evil One

“I am Jehovah and I have all secrets locked within Myself, desiring to reveal only as I choose and only as I desire. The evil one is truly a created being of My own choosing. He was created by Me as an instrument of dishonor for the express purpose of giving mankind a choice between that which I AM and that which he is. Praise Me for My wisdom in this matter. My choice to give man a freewill was of My own design and was to give Me companionship that would praise Me out of an open and pure heart which thirsts after his creator. I am fully in command of the situation on this planet; yet I have given satan liberty far beyond what man would think. This was all done to make sure man would turn to Me out of complete and total submission of a yielded heart. ”

“Fear not the evil one for he is the devil - the incarnate evil one. He has mastery over the earth as I permit it. Fear of Him is a sin - a sin you do not have to participate in. Fear is for those who do not know Jesus. He is incarnate also. Fear is not for My little ones. No, they should have no fear of him, Satan.”

“Fear not. He is not to be feared - only respected for the power he holds over men’s lives. He is beyond salvation. There is no redemption for him. He has done his deeds and will do more before the end - the end that is soon to transpire. Hear his voice and reject it. Listen to him, but forsake it and reject it. For He is sin transpired in many men - men who have given themselves to him without reservation. Hear him, but don’t respond. Look for him, but reject him when you see him or hear him. He is the devil incarnate and filled with sin and deception.”

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

It is interesting to note that Satan is incarnate (has a fleshly body). Just as Jesus came to earth as a man with a body of flesh, satan also has a body.

He commands multitudinous groups of spiritual forces. Many of these evil servants are only spiritual. They do not have bodies of flesh and operate in the unseen world of darkness. Their purpose is to fan the flames of sin and disobedience to God

However, there are a group of these servants who do have bodies and we see them every day. They are the Sons of Disobedience. They will be discussed in a future blog.

Whether in bodily form or spiritual form, Satan and his agents of destruction need not be feared.

Satan was created for the express purpose of opposing God and has the power to turn men away from God toward his dark world. He has deceived many and is working hard to captivate many more before (the soon coming) Christ comes to destroy him and all of his minions. There is no redemption for him or his adherents. They are all doomed to live eternally in the dark pit of hell.

Evil One

Our responsibility is to not fear him. Respect him for the power he has in this earth. But watch for and be alert to his devious ways. Be discerning when faced with his deceptive and evil attempt to deceive and distort. Reject every offer to turn us away from God, goodness, and righteousness.

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Even to this day I don't know whether the Spirit prompted them or not, but several questions came as thoughts. They were, “If God is Light, was I observing another attribute of His magnificence and glory? Was I observing a characteristic of God few people had ever seen or even attributed to be a part of His Glory? Was I really seeing a partial revelation of God's Glorious nature? During the time I was observing this breathtaking display of color, God spoke again. He said,

“My son, there are reasons for everything I do, for My time is too valuable to waste. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And I have given life in the Spirit to many more. I have the mysteries of the universe locked up in My hands. All wisdom can only be attained through My giving.

“An understanding heart is a pleasure to Me, but no one understands My ways, lest I give them the understanding.

“I AM who I AM. And I give to whom I desire.”

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