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Why Doesn't God Interfere in the Affairs of Men to Overcome Satan?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God


“The Evil Ones creation was designed of Me prior to the creation of man; but his work did not begin until man was placed into the garden. He was evil from the beginning; but his evil and disobedience has been in response to My will and desire, I shall give him his due reward when the time comes; for he will rebel against Me in the end time as My scriptures point out. He is destined to do this in the end and knows it. Yet, he feels he can overpower Me with the multitudes he has en massed through the ages. I will not discourage Him for he must find out that My power is greater than his. I will not interfere except as My heavenly’s are influenced. This is true and as you can see a great spiritual battle will occur which is Armageddon. This will be prior to My Son’s return; but this will be in time to save My elect out of the world while there is still a choice to be made. After Armageddon, there will be no choices. The work of satan will be destroyed and My Son will reign victorious over all the heavenly. ”

“This world is temporarily given to satan for his evil purposes to be manifest. He is at work and I am observing each work. I have given him certain rights and liberties in the spiritual realm. As he exerts these rights, I do not interfere; because I have delegated this world to him to do as he pleases. This will not last for ever; but I have given it to him for his use. I will not interfere. ”

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

Although the created earth was beautiful and filled with God’s love in the beginning, it has now become a cesspool (a place of perversion and deterioration of morality) of sin, and transgressions against God. But God himself has chosen not to interfere in the the affairs of the earth. Only when His heavenliness and His plan for man has been fulfilled will He involve Himself in the earthly affairs. This does not mean we are completely on our own against these satanic powers that surround us. God has provided a way for us to combat and defeat these evil forces. This will be discussed in the next blog.

God has loosed Satan into the world and allows him to perform the evil work of drawing men away from Him. He is identified as the “the prince of the power of the air” and lives in the unseen world of darkness. He is currently doing what God designed Him to do and his methods are Pure Evil. He has multitudes of messengers, agents, and servants to accomplish his purposes, which are destructive to not only mankind; but also God’s Holy Creation (the earth).

Because of Satan’s presence, mankind has become an abomination to God through the multitude of sins that corrupt God’s laws, statutes, and commandments. Evil is so rampant throughout the earth that those who attempt to live righteously are totally repulsed by what they see. Even though these events in the earth are completely opposite to what God preferred the earth and mankind to be, God himself will not interfere. He will not interfere because He wants mankind to make a clear choice between Him and Satan.

According to Paul in Romans 8:22 “For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs (contractions and travail) together until now.” Apparently, the whole earth feels the affects of Satan’s success of creating an abomination to God and reacts. The elements themselves rise up in response to what Satan and man have created. (disastrous earthquakes, destructive tornadoes, volcano eruptions, devastating fires, violent weather related to snow, rain, wind, and floods).

Although there have always been devastating weather events, it appears as though the frequency and destructive nature of these weather events are increasing and will continue during these last days (these Days of Repulsion).The elements themselves are rising up in revolt against what is happening. God himself will not interfere.

Therefore, those who would blame God for natural or unnatural disastrous events in their life, should not blame God. Satan ‘creator of evil’ is responsible. God does not Interfere. See next blog.

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The Spirit continued to speak and open my understanding,

“Eternity shall never be devoid of hope. It exists today just as surely as God exists. And it shall last throughout the endless ages because of the goodness of the Eternal One.

“Hope is a part of the Ancient Ones eternal essence, and as long as you are indwelled by His presence, you shall have reason to confidently expect His goodness to be eternally expressed to you.

“Gift upon gift, blessing upon blessing, revelation upon revelation are yours to look upon and receive. You shall never be wanting or lacking, for every day is new and everything is fresh in the Kingdom of God.”

While the Spirit was revealing this new understanding of the eternalness of hope, I experienced an inner joy and expectation I had never felt before. An indescribable expectancy of what was to come captured my thinking. I became aware that eternity will be filled with hope - excitement and anticipation - confident expectation of receiving new and more fantastic gifts.

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