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God Is Both A God Of LOVE And A God Of Wrath.
How Will God React In The END?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God


“I am Jehovah, God. I Am Three in One; yet I am One in Three. My personality is greater than man can conceive. And yet, all should understand Me better. I am powerful beyond imagination; yet all should understand. I am compassionate beyond understanding, yet all should understand this. I have two sides to Me which are at both extremes - one of wrath and the other of love. I have control over each; but the guidelines that are set which were set by Me are unchanging. For I am unchanging. These guideline dictate the way I will act in the end time and nothing will change that. I am programmed for wrath on those who reject My Son and there is no chance for salvation for them. I am programmed for love for those who accept My Son and no one can change that. My Son is the same as I. We are only waiting until the end time at which time our true personalities will be revealed and men will shutter at the fierceness of our wrath toward those who reject My Son. And the infinite mercy of Our love will be expressed to those who accept Him. Works will have a bearing on their acceptance or rejection; but many will be surprised at how the judgement is made. It will be fair, and just, and right for there will be no other way to judge. The line will be clearly drawn, even though now it is hazy and cloudy to you. Our infinite wisdom, knowledge, and understanding will play a part in this great judgement; but there will be little question concerning those who will or will not receive our great love. Proclaim both of Our personalities to the world for some will respond to our love; others will respond out of fear of our wrath. Remember, at all times, to present Our sovereign right to judge and discipline or judge and reward. Mere men have no rights except the right to choose. This was sovereignly given to them. And they will need to exert that right in order to claim a place within My love”.

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S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

There is very little to be said concerning the previous
Words from God stated on the first page.
All men have been given this simple right to choose.

Choose therefore that you might receive His Love.
The way is clear through Jesus Christ.

Selected Excerpts from the unpublished book
Pathway to the Greatest Thing You Can Possess.

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To my right was a forest of large trees with lush vegetation underneath. The soil appeared to be rich and moist. The trees were laden with fruit and nuts. The plants, flowers, and grasses were in full bloom and healthy. A light breeze was blowing, misting rain droplets.

I wondered what significance this had to what I was learning about praise.
The Holy Spirit said,

“Before you can continually praise, you must first desire it. Then you must choose the place where you want to plant your spirit.”

I thought to myself, “The choice is obvious. Who would choose the desert?”

As soon as that thought passed through my mind, the Spirit startled me when He said,
“You would when you place your desires above God’s desires!”

I was embarrassed by the truth of what the Spirit said but not for long. For God's love was causing me to rejoice in truth and not dwell on error. Instead of being dejected, I was delighted to have this new awareness revealed

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