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What Is The Only True Way To Avoid Being Led Into Error ?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God


“The only true way to avoid being led into error is not to have any desires of your own, but only have the desires of the Father in mind. Once your desires are on pleasing Him and only Him; then, you will be freed from error and deception. There is no rebuke from Me for those who are intent upon serving Me in a way in which glorifies My Son and elevates the Father above all.

“But caution must always be present to discern whether it comes from My Spirit or the spirit of man. If from the spirit of man. much deception can come forth to deceive. Satan doesn’t have to enter in directly to cause this error. He only needs to take a willing heart away from Jesus and listening to all the Spirit says and allow his own desires to run free. Don’t let your own desires run free; but keep them captive and allow Me to work My perfect work in My Son. This truth can be of much benefit to all My children - those of My flock who are in need of discernment in listening and following My voice.”

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If we are committed to our Lord, much of our Christian life may be spent in being alert and watchful concerning satanic influences and deceptions. We, who are followers of Christ, must be aware and attentive to our surroundings and especially the world of darkness whose intent is to enslave us. It becomes a matter of perceiving the presence of evil and its disruptive influences upon our awareness. This is Discernment.

The Lord has made it plain that the only true way to avoid being led into error by deceiving spirits is have a heart that is totally committed to God. In other words, we are to have no desires of our own. The desire originating in our heart should be on God and pleasing Him. Thus, we need to use discernment to identify and reject all evil that comes from the dark world that plagues us.

Even if we are not being subjected to evil forces, we still have to discern whether our desires are coming from our own human spirit or God’s Holy Spirit. Our own spirit can deceive us. We can be led astray by our own spirit and be led into areas God has not planned. Satanic influence may not be present in leading to deception; they only need to let our own heart stray away from Jesus and allow it to run without any Godly or Holy Spirit restraints.

We should not allow the desires of our heart to influence our plans and activities, unless our heart is solidly committed to God.

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The Spirit spoke again,

“Purify and cleanse yourself from the evil influence of darkness by applying the cleansing power of the blood to every shadow of its presence. Rebuke it, renounce it, and reprove its very works. Partake of its evil ways no more.

“Desire and seek after the light, for there is power in the light. Once your heart shall die to evil and darkness, your innermost being shall live and begin to burn brightly with the Flame of God. For to be pure and clean with all manner of goodness and mercy is to live - to be radiant with the light of God shining through your spirit.

“With your lamp filled with goodness and righteousness, your pure and honest heart shall become a clean vessel prepared and ready to burn with praise to God continuously.

“But be aware continuous praise does not arise out of desires alone, it springs forth and blossoms when you make the right choices.”

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