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How important is it to have the Holy Spirit working in your life?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God

“Jesus has come in the flesh. He is My Son, My only Son - My Son who came in the flesh. Open up your hearts to receive My Son. For His Spirit is ready to change your life and ready to give you all the blessings I have to offer. Your life is worthless and is not of any value, unless My Spirit is in you and with you. But My true love is manifested to you when you receive all the gifts My Spirit has to give. Open up, My children, and let Me work in you through My Spirit. Don’t quench My Spirit. For He will give you the victory and abundance you desire. Let My Spirit freely operate in you, so that your life might become like My Son’s life - perfect and clean of all darkness. My children I love you. Jesus has come in the flesh.”

Holy Spirit

What do we need to do to help the Holy Spirit do His work?

“So often My people stumble and fall over My words for they speak to hearts who have not submitted and yielded to Me. Until this submission occurs I cannot do My work effectively. My Spirit is restrained and held back by a heart that will not accept Me or My many wonderful ways”

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

Do we ever think about the Holy Spirit. Our thoughts of Praise go continually to the Father who deserves all honor and praise. We recognize what Jesus has done for us and give Him the honor and glory for what He has done for us.

But how much time do we spend in thinking of the Holy Spirit? Without Him our very existence would be without value. It is important that we recognize that we are instructed to open up to the Spirit and let Him work in us to create a vessel of much significance and importance to God’s Kingdom. We are not to quench the Spirit. We are instructed to open up to His guidance and let Him work in us to fulfill all God’s plans for our life.

We are instructed to let God’s Spirit within us so that we might become like His Son’s life - Perfect and free of all darkness.

With that being said, we are instructed to submit and yield to God. Until this occurs, God cannot work effectively in us. By this lack of submission the Holy Spirit is restrained and held back from actually helping us grow into a pure acceptance of God, His Son, and His many wonderful ways.

Holy Spirit

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The gatekeeper was very selective concerning which type animal was allowed to enter and which was driven away. While watching the gatekeeper select the animals he let in or drove away, the Spirit spoke,

“Wonder not at what you see. You are the gatekeeper for your mind and spirit, allowing or disallowing that which enters. Watch and be alert to that which would clamor and seek your attention. Be on guard against that which would push and shove to enter. Be careful, for the mind is easily influenced. Let no unclean thing enter.

“That which enters the mind through what you see or hear or touch or smell or taste can be a hindrance and obstacle to your praise or it can enhance your closeness to the Almighty; for it will ultimately affect your spirit. Allow only that which is true, honorable, righteous, pure, and holy to enter your mind. If these things dominate your mind and thinking, a pure and honest heart rightly prepared to praise God will start to develop in you. Then your desires shall begin to bear fruit.”

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