G o d ' sS p o k e s m a n

What are the ways in which God’s presence is expressed?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God

God's Presence

God's Presence

“ Believe in Me. For I am full of wisdom and power and know what is best for My servants. There is no one thing that can come against My children that I don’t know about and even permit for their good. I develop My children in many ways. I am all powerful and full of good for My children. I take them to pastures which are green. I take them to pastures that are brown and dry. But, I can and do sustain them no matter where they may be. Ever and ever will My children be on My mind and in My heart so that I might do them good and keep them from the evil one. Think not about where you are or why you are; for you are there because I have placed you there. Think not of your condition or state. My love and assistance is beside you and in you at all times. Fear not to love Me more and more. Fear not to reach out for Me in constant communications and love. Admire My great attributes and praise Me often. Hold yourself above the world and live with Me in the spiritual realm. I shall surely take care of the physical necessities. continue to Praise Me. “

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

What does God’s presence really mean?

Plain and simple it means that His love is with us at all times; and He is available to help us any time we need Him. It means we are on His mind and in His heart, so that He is available to do good and keep us from the evil one. We should not concern ourselves or worry about current condition; because His love and assistance is beside us at all times

How does God express closeness to us?

We should not concern ourselves or worry about current conditions; because His love and assistance is beside us at all times. We should not even concern ourselves with why we are in this place; because God has placed us there. We should not concern ourselves with what ever state we are in because God is beside us and ready to assist us.

God's Presence

How does God express His personality?

He is all powerful and full of good for each child. For He is full of wisdom and power and knows what is best for His servants

What does God do for us?

God takes us to places which are upright. He takes us to places that are downcast and distressed. But, He can and does sustain us no matter where we may be.

Selected Excerpts from the unpublished book,
Pathway to the Greatest Thing You Can Possess.

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Knowing myself, I questioned within, “How can I become like William?”

Soon after, the gentle voice of the Spirit passed through me saying,

“Hear Me when I speak. I am the Breath of God, the Spirit of Truth, revealer of all that is true. I am that light which shines into dark places. I am the creator and initiator of your praise. I am that portion of the Circle of Blessing which passes through you when you praise the Father and the Son.

“When you praise the Almighty One, I pass through you as a breeze passes through a tunnel or as water flows through a pipe, but only by your permission. If the openings are filled with debris and obstructions, I do not flow. Once the pathways are clear of hindrances, I freely pass through to perform my appointed tasks to praise God through you and perform a marvelous work within you.”

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