G o d ' sS p o k e s m a n

Love is Strong. Hate is Strong,
but Faith causes movement in either direction.

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God

Faith - Love

God's Faith - Love

“Faith can be exerted outside My will and desire and cause much to happen. This is how Satan can accomplish so much. His faith is strong and He can exert much power. His servant’s faith is strong and the power they exert is much. I can quench the faith of his; but choose not to because My purpose must be accomplished. You see, love is strong. Hate is strong, but faith causes movement in either direction. Satan’s faith moves men and creation toward destruction. My faith moves men toward life eternal.”

“I can and will limit this power of faith in Satan; but only enough to bring about My plan. You can have power far beyond your imagination, as long as you exert life giving faith; for I shall not limit that type of faith. If your faith would be exerted toward destruction, I would have to limit and control you; for this would not be within My plan.”

God's Faith - Love

“Hearing of your love and faith, which you have toward the Lord Jesus, and toward all saints;”

“Don’t you see how faith in Me can give you life. Do you see how that faith in My Spirit will put life giving power at your disposal, unlimited power - power that is used to perform mighty works for Me. I will always be there and will always be in control; but as long as you exert your faith out of love for Me and My creation there will no limits. If you exert your faith due to selfish interests, I will limit you as I desire and as it fits My plan. Power I give unto My most honored and blessed servants; because they serve Me with heart, soul, and mind - power through faith - power resulting from love toward Me and My creation. Don’t be agape at this. You have the scriptures. They attest to this. Look at My servants there. I have said nothing new. Yet, I have revealed it to you in a different perspective,”

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

God's Faith - Love

We live in a darkened world. We may wake up in the morning with a radiant sun blazing with warm rays of light. This is the world we see. But darkness surrounds us. We cannot see the darkness nor feel any warmth from it. This darkened world exist simultaneously within our world of light, This unseen darkness has equal influence in our lives as the world of light.

The dark entities that live in the darkness have significant influence in our lives even if we cannot see them. They fight against the light with the sole purpose of capturing us so that we will live in darkness with them. They have the ability to use the power of faith in their effort to place us into captivity. We can use faith to accomplish our purposes in life, just as they can use faith to perform their tasks of bringing us into the dark world.

It is significant that we, as Christians, have an advantage in the combat between light and dark. LOVE! Love is a powerful weapon against the force of darkness. The dark entities have no such help.

For a Christian, Love and Faith are inseparable elements of walking in the Spirit. There are many instances when we are called of God to accomplish a task of significance to advance the Kingdom. This task requires our faith to move it from an assignment into reality

Without strong faith strengthened by love, there are many dark forces that would try to disrupt that love and faith combination to weaken and diminish the strength of our commitment. We may even be tempted to use dark-force faith to accomplish the task which will result in failure.

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As soon as I heard the multitude singing, I heard God speak in a voice that was soft and gentle. Yet, within my spirit, I sensed an affirmation that this was truth and very important.

“Praise is what I desire. Praise for My greatness. Praise for My righteous dealings with My children and all mankind. Praise for all that has and ever will occur. For I do control and initiate all that has happened through the ages.”

For a brief moment, I considered this new facet of God’s desire and wondered why it was so important to God. But, at that moment, I was distracted by movement around me.

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