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Walking in Faith and Hope.

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My son, Hear the Lord speak concerning hope. Hope has always been. Hope will always be. Hope is eternal, just as God is eternal. There is no greater than He and He lives in eternal hope - that which will be and that that is eternal. 

How can I express hope to the nations? Though the Lord Jesus - the One who saves and gives all hope to mankind - mankind that needs hope and receives it though Him.

Fear not to walk in faith and hope for they are together and never apart - never apart from the ways of the world and the ways of man. Fear not to walk forward into the unknown levels of life. For fear never satisfies nor completes. It always fails to bring forth that which will be. Fear not to fear for fear disappoints and fails while hope completes and brings forth the truth and future - future for man and beast - future developed and complete - never failure - always truth and righteousness.

God's Faith - Hope

Helmet of Salvation

Failure is a result of not walking in faith and hope. For hope brings forth the future, Just as I bring forth the future.

Yes, Jesus has come in the flesh, He is the Master and controller of all that exists and will ever be. Just as hope and love and faith will ever be. Hope is. Hope exists. Hope creates action. Hope overcomes confidently and truly.

Fear not to walk ahead and not behind your desires and your destiny which is established and firm within the grasp of faith trained and ready to respond to action designated to be true and substantial.

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

1 Corinthians 13:13 says:
“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

Aside from love and faith being the ultimate powers in the universe, hope cannot be dismissed as a lesser power. Hope and love and faith are all eternal. Hope exists. Hope creates action. Hope sees the future. Hope is a confident expectation of what is to be - not is, but what is to be - that which is not seen.

Hope’s function is to bring about or complete. It brings forth that which is to be. It brings forth truth and righteousness: and maybe more significantly, it brings forth the future. If we walk in faith, that faith (and that which we expect) needs hope (confident expectation) to fulfill and complete it. Faith cannot be realized (become a reality - appear in the physical world - literally see the results) until hope is present.

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God's Faith - Hope

Holy Spirit
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Faith and hope work together to bring into reality all expectations (the things we are anticipating) (walking in faith to become real).

One aspect to consider when embarking on a faith/hope endeavor is; is there a need? You may think you have a need, but God may have a different opinion. Therefore, a sincere faith/hope walk may not be realized simply because God has determined what we are asking for would not be within His overall plan or even good for us. Our expectation for results may be present, but we may not have received the confidence that the Spirit gives to have a true hope - confident expectation.

Another element to consider is that some individuals who have faith actually have faith in themselves. They attain their undertaking by shear will power, determination, and guts. This is not walking in faith, but a form of self confidence.

The most important aspect of walking in faith is: is hope present? Keep in mind that the Holy Spirit knows the future. (This spiritual knowledge comes from the Holy Spirit who knows and reveals the future.) Therefore, it can provide the one walking in faith to have a confidence in proceeding to expect his faith to become a reality. Confident expectation is a requirement to fulfilling a faith/hope expectation.

Without the hope (confidence) the Holy Spirit gives you, your expectation will not have the confident expectation it needs to support your faith. Your faith will be ineffective with limited results.

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I was watching the activities surrounding the Throne and listening to the multitude when God spoke. His voice was clear and distinct in spite of the fact that the multitude was worshipping and the Living Beings were moving from place to place. The thunder and lightning did not cease. How I heard God above all the singing and other sounds, I don't know. The voices and other noise simply faded into the background. The conclusion I came to was that God was singularly speaking to me. The multitude apparently couldn’t hear what I was hearing. God said,

“Open up to Me in praise, for praise to Me is the one thing I desire of My children the most. There is no one thing that pleases Me more than praise from the deepest recesses of your heart.

“Praise My Name with fervency and love for I am worthy of all that can be expressed from your lips. Leave not My Greatness flee from you, but express your deepest admiration from your heart and spirit as one who is deeply committed to My service.”

As soon as God had finished speaking, I knew I was to enter into the worship with the multitude. I was overjoyed to be a part of this great body of saints and entered into the singing with great enthusiasm.

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