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What Do We Know About The Last Days And Beyond?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God

Dark Clouds Of Increasing Devastation And Evil

Brightness Of The Coming Son

“Hear what I have to say this day. This Day of Repulsion which will come in short spurts; it will be bad.”

“These Days of Repulsion will soon be over and the Day of My Son will replace it. That day will be glorious.”

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

At this moment, we are living in the Day of Repulsion (See previous Blog). We, as Christians, are repulsed by what we see occurring. This means our Christian conscience has a feeling of being repelled by what is occurring around us. Some would say it “disgusts me”. In God’s eyes, what is occurring is an abomination.

Ultimately, we will be living in the Day of My Son. Jesus Christ will return in His second coming and create a beautiful place that will be free of all that would repulse us

In the meantime, we will be subjected to the Elements and Kingdom of Evil.

The one thing that is most obvious too many Christians is that the Elements (water, wind, fire, earth) are increasing in power and magnitude.

Are there more devastating weather events occurring much more frequently than ever before? Yes! Many believe these destructive and often devastating events (that come in short spurts) are a result of Global Warming. This is not so. There is another answer to these current destructive events.

Another thing that is increasingly obvious is that Kingdom of Evil is exerting more influence over the affairs of men. Evil is more prevalent in all of our society than it ever has been. Lawlessness and criminal activity has been rising at an unusually rapid pace. The Kingdom of Evil is expanding its influence. The increase of evil indicates that it is more powerful in the lives of men than ever before. There is a reason for this increase of Evil. It is paving the way for the son of perdition (the lawless one) to be revealed. This will occur at the end of the Last Days of which we are currently living.

All this means is we are fast approaching the Day of God’s Son. The day when all evil is defeated, Satan is bound for a thousand years, and a glorious new world is created.

The next 3 blogs will expand on the thought that the powers of the Elements and Kingdom of Evil are increasing rapidly to bring about the glorious event of Jesus coming to earth again.

Selected Excerpts from the unpublished book
Pathway to the Greatest Thing You Can Possess.

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“The concept (of God being in total control of revealed knowledge, wisdom, or understanding) is foreign to man’s natural thinking. It is difficult for man to conceive how God can be so intimately involved in his life (and every other life on earth) as to be the exclusive revealer and giver of these things

“Man wants to think he gains these things based upon his own striving and effort. He doesn’t want to acknowledge he has merely received them as a gift - a gift based upon God’s goodness, not his own works.”

This brief, but wonderful, lesson taught me much. I was now beginning to grasp the vast limitations of my knowledge and concept of God. I thought to myself, “What a wonderful thing to receive the gifts of revelation from God.”

I was then reminded by the Spirit of what God had said earlier. He said,

“No one can ever completely comprehend My Greatness, My Glory, My Majesty, My Love, My Mercy, My Son, My Holy Spirit - all that I am beyond human or even spiritual comprehension.”

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