G o d ' sS p o k e s m a n

The Two Most Powerful Forces in the Universe

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God

God's Power

Love Faith - Separate

“Love is of Me. I am the originator, the source. I am Love. For My love is an expression of Me - the Almighty One. I am love expressed through My Son, I am love lived - through My Spirit and ultimately through My children. All My children are an expression of My love, if they live for Me - if their lives are lived in and through love - My love. Hear this, there is no greater force than love. It can overcome all obstacles. It can break down all barriers. It can even thwart the designs and plans of satan.

But it must be true love - love expressed for Me and My creation. Love expressed for self or others has no power. It will fall limp and have no lasting effect.”

God's Power

Love/Faith - Merged
They produce unimaginable power

Love and Faith combined are the Power of God

Love and faith cause My power to spring into action. Love and faith produce My miracles. Without either one, I should restrain and restrict My power; unless I so choose that it is good. The only time I do not require a mixture of love and faith to prompt My power is when a person is outside of Christ and needs salvation. Then I only need faith. For faith alone can save. Do you not now see that faith saves. Love and faith spring into action - My action in response to the exertion. Love and faith shall cause My power to spring forth. All My children need do is to exert it. Faith alone (once a child) may not be enough. Love alone may not be enough. Love and faith together will be enough.

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

The above words from God say there is no greater force than love. In reality, force means power and power means to have the ability to do, to change, or have influence.

Do we want to overcome evil? Do we want to secure salvation for the lost? Do we want to see others prosper while the evil forces fail and falter? Do we want the ability to serve God using His power?

Use the attributes of God.


These are the powerful elements that operated at the time of the Creation.

God's Power

When God spoke the worlds into existence, His true nature of love was present and His indisputable faith produced the power (forces) that created the world.

These powerful forces can be the essential components of all miracles, successful operation of Spiritual Gifts, and completion of tremendous accomplishments.

Love and faith are the power of God to accomplished all He has accomplish or ever will. They are the essence of God Himself.

If you are not a Christian, you only need faith to become a Child of God. If you are a Christian, you need your Love and Faith to accomplish that which you are created to accomplish.

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Pathway to the Greatest Thing You Can Possess.

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“My son, praise be unto My Son who came to you in a body of flesh. His coming was great to behold, for what greater miracle is there then the miracle of birth - new life created from the Master’s hand - life never to be stopped or quenched. For My love is ever manifest in new life.

“Never before had flesh been created as I created it in Him - God-man, Anointed One from the beginning, born into the race He created, ever to be praised by all creation.

“Praise My Son for He is worthy of all praise and honor for His work upon the cross. From the foundation of the world, He came for to save mankind from their appointed death. In Him and in the cross is life - life everlasting. Never neglect the praise of your heart toward Him, who came to save you - whose body was upon the cross so that you would not have to suffer the death that was due you.

“He is the one and only Savior and King who possesses the universe in His hands and controls it with His power. His everlasting power is ever to be seen by all creation, for He has earned His rightful place with Me.”

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