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What is the greatness of being used by God to Save the Lost?

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God


Praise Me. Time is short and the earth is in the last days. I need not tell you this for you can see it yourself. Many are there who do not want to proclaim My greatness and power and excellency and majesty. Many are there who would prefer to while away time on things needful only for the flesh. You are interested in the spirit and I can use you, It is no matter to be used of Me for even Pharaoh was used of Me.

The greatness of being used of Me is when your submission is sufficient that I can mold you into a vessel of great honor which magnifies My Name and draws men to Me. For to save a soul from the darkest pits of hell is an honor greatly to be desired. I wish all My children had this desire in their hearts. If this was so, I could more easily accomplish the task of drawing men to the cross. But, this is not the case; therefore I must choose special servants to perform great deeds so that My children will wake up from their doldrums.

Those who Save the Lost from the Pits of Hell

Honor God


Honor God

S p o k e s m a n ’ s C o r n e r

There are many Christians who are used of God. This in itself is not a big deal because even Pharaoh was used of God. The deciding factor concerning being used of God to perform works and deeds for God is submission. All committed Christians in some measure are used of God, because they are submitted to God’s Word (Jesus) and the Spirit that lives within. The totality of the submission is the key as to whether we are used a little or a lot.

Honor God

It is great to be used of God. But “the greatness of being used of God is when our submission is sufficient that He can mold us into a vessel of great honor” . That great honor seems to be set aside for those who work to save the lost. This act of submission and being molded of God is what magnifies God’s Name and draws the unsaved to Him

“For to save a soul from the darkest pits of hell is an honor greatly to be desired.”

So is this the reason we have done such a poor job of saving the lost and allowing the unsaved to go to the pit? Do we need great men and women who are totally submitted to God to be raised up and molded to do the great task of salvation for the lost?

Selected Excerpts from the to be unpublished book,
Pathway to the Greatest Thing You Can Possess.

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With eyes closed, I knelt in silence for a long period of time wondering what was going to occur next. Not knowing whether I was anxious or curious, I had the urge to look up. I wanted to see more. Just when I decided to lift my head, I heard God's voice. He said,

“I am Jehovah, and I need to be both loved and feared - feared for I am awesome in power and majesty - loved for I am a merciful God who has been merciful to My creation.

“Be humble and contrite before My greatness and power, for it is a strength to your soul. Place yourself under the protection of the Throne of My Grace. Lift up your heart to Me in submissive praise. Obey Me with obedience that comes from a heart of love. Love Me with a love that is unquestionable.

“The forces of the world would like to shake and shatter My Throne. But there is no way to shake it, for it is secure and firm within My grasp. Many forces have come and gone, but none are lasting. None are powerful enough to move My Throne nor anyone under its protection, for I hold it in place with the power of the universe.

“Anyone yielded to My power and majesty has nothing to be concerned about. I am ever present in protection over those who submit themselves in submission and faith - those who rely and trust in Jesus - those whose firm footing is reliance upon the Lord and King who saved them from their sins. Stand in awe of My Mercy. Place yourself before and under it, for it is your salvation, your protection, and strength.”

When God finished speaking, I remained in my kneeling position with my eyes cast down. I was conscious of the continued quiet. Minutes later I heard the rumbling of thunder.

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