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Who Are The Children of Disobedience?

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  • Children of Disobedience (Revised & Updated)

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God

“My children are light. Some will come to Me, some will not. Some will choose light. Some will choose darkness; for they choose to follow after evil and evil passions. They have the choice from birth; but choose darkness.

“Do you hear what I am saying? Do you see what I am revealing? Darkness and light cannot be mixed. Those who choose light will be absorbed into the light. Those who choose darkness will be absorbed into darkness. Those of the light cannot become darkness. Those of darkness cannot become light. This is My law for all to know and all to see. Light is from Me. And all Mine, who are destined to be Mine, shall come to Me and the light. Darkness is not of Me and those who choose it cannot come to Me; for I am light.”

“The children of disobedience do not have the choice, nor will they ever have it. I cannot give pure darkness any of My light; for this would pollute My being and purpose.”

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If the Children of Disobedience are part of the satan’s evil realm of Darkness, the end result of what they accomplish on earth will be evil.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Matthew 7:16-17

Therefore, the only expectations we can have from these servants of satan is EVIL. No matter how much good they may propose to do or even seem to accomplish, the end result will be malevolent. The fruit they produce will be corrupt and have wicked results.

Children of Disobedience can be wealthy or just regular individuals who support and participate in activities that produce bad fruit. These individuals in every respect are human beings. The only difference between them and us is that they were created by Satan and have the same goal as Satan, bring about and create evil happenings. They may be in business, industry, finance, education, religion, government officials, politics, military, entertainment, or social organizations.

We see before our eyes in this Day of Repulsion the Kingdom of Evil where both Normal Humans and Children of Disobedience create or produce rotten fruit (multiple sins and corrupt doctrines)

Who are these individuals who consciously or unconsciously create rotten fruit among us? They are:

  • men of great wealth who support other organizations with their money and influence. If you evaluate the fruit those organization produce or promote, you can determine whether that wealthy individual is possibly a child of disobedience (Tare).

  • business and industrial leaders who produce products that destroy peoples lives through drugs, alcohol, and other mind altering products.

  • finance and corrupt money practices which distort, scam, deceive for profit.

  • teachers and leaders who propagate false and lying principles or doctrines which are intended to sway others away from the truth into evil practices.

  • government officials who lie, deceive, and distort truth to sway people to a corrupt agenda.

  • political leaders who falsify truth to gain acceptance for destructive plans.

  • religious leaders who through manipulation mislead there flock away from the true message of Christ into false doctrines.

  • current military leaders who are pushing false concepts to their troops that will make them weak and ineffective in fighting a war. Recruitment philosophies of inclusion, acceptance and etc. will only create an army of weaklings when strength is needed.

  • social organizations that propagate an unsatisfactory mindset. There is an endless number of groups (large and small) whose intent is to destroy, dismantle, eradicate, or crush all that is good, righteous, and productive.

  • entertainment Industry is filled with individuals who glamorize evil.

Not all individuals who produce rotten fruit can be considered children of disobedience. They are Normal Humans deceived by false teachers, evil doctrines and even have the same traits as those considered Tares. These people do have the opportunity to repent and accept Christ to receive salvation in spit of their evil works and deeds. Children of Disobedience do not have that opportunity. They are destined for hell fire and eternal life with their father, Satan.

Evil One

See next blog, 10 Children of Disobedience for additional details about these evil entities.

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