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Who Are The Children of Disobedience?

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  • Children of Disobedience (Revised & Updated)

All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God

“Hear Me speak about the children of satan - the sons of disobedience. They are throughly evil. They are unable to love or do good. They are deceivers and liars like their father. And they cannot and will not change. Just as I have many sons. Satan has too. He has deceived and lied to the world about his own - making them angels of light. His deception is so complete it is sometimes difficult to tell those that are of the light and those that are of darkness. This is My truth, It is a hard saying. But no matter how much good a person appears to do, if it is done with a dark and deceitful heart, it is not good. For selfishness does not do good to others, only to self. All of satan’s angels of light are selfish and self-centered, only desiring to deceive and turn the children of light to the master of deceit - the evil one - the one who has lied from the beginning and will lie forever more.”

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Normally when we think of satan, we picture his dark world of spirits. We envision a world of invisible beings or entities who use deceit, deception, and trickery to entice or deceive us into embracing their dark world or draw us away from accepting Christ as our Lord and Savior.

The realm of satanic darkness is vast and has many unseen evil entities lurking in the shadows of their darkness to do his bidding through deceit, deception, enticements, and mental or physical harm to lead us into their own evil world.

But, there is an area of darkness that has not been disclosed or ‘brought into the light’. Unlike their counterparts who live in darkness, these individuals are visible to us. This form of darkness does not hide in the unseen shadows of mental or physical oppression and possession. This form of darkness is cloaked in the form of a person or persons - someone we talk with - someone we do business with - someone we go fishing with - someone we see on TV.

Not all people are God’s. Not all people we deal with daily are of God. They do not have God’s spirit in them. They originate from Satan in a way which we have little enlightenment or knowledge. They are the children of disobedience (Tares).

These individuals have been made of and through the evil one. They are truly servants of the evil one and cannot be changed. They are destined for hell; and there is no other course for them. They are evil through and through. They are not, nor ever will be God’s children. They are made of the evil one and by him and through him. They are the children of disobedience and they will never see the light. They are darkness and they can only do evil. If they happen to do good, it is for some nefarious, evil, or depraved reason. They are not God’s, nor can they ever be. For God shall have nothing to do with these children of disobedience.

These individuals whom we deal with (or see) each day have certain traits which if you look into their personalities you can suspect, but not know for sure whether they are Tares or not. This is because normal people have these same traits, but not evil inspired. Some of these traits are power driven, controlling, manipulative, self absorbed, no conscience concerning their actions or activities.

These individuals can be seen in any area of life. Many seek positions to influence, to dominate, and to attain superiority. You will find them in leadership positions in the areas of finance, business, politics, media, and significantly in some religious organizations. All in all they seek power to spread darkness, although generally unaware they are doing it. Some have destructive, criminal personalities which place them in direct conflict with the law and law enforcement.

We, in this Day of Repulsion, can see the results of all of these Children of Disobedience as they do all possible to serve satan. Conflict, terrorist activities, obstructionism, distortion of truth through lies, diversion of all that is righteous into corrupt and immoral activities, murder and lawlessness become normal and prevalent, scriptural fulfillment good becomes evil and evil becomes good.

These Tares, who are evil created, live and associate with other humans - Christian or non-christian. They cannot be distinguished as tares unless you look at their fruit.

Since they come to us in human form and interact with us daily, it is difficult to identify them. In fact, on the surface, there is no sure way to tell. Seemingly, there is only one way to recognize them. Do they produce good works or evil works?

See next blog for for further understanding and how to identify them.

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