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What Does The Holy Spirit have To Do With The Last Days?

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All text in Royal Red are actual recorded words from God

“Fear not, Jesus has come in the flesh. He has certainly come to save mankind. Mankind alone can be saved from sin and He alone is the only One to save. Peace He brings to a dying world. Love He brings to a hateful world. Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. He is coming again when the time is right. He will come again to save the world from destruction and despair. For unless He comes, it will fail apart at the seams. For right now, the only thing holding it together is My Spirit. He is the cement that shall never crumble or be crushed. He is the cement that lasts forever and all the legions of hell cannot penetrate its work without My permission. Realize what My Spirit is doing today. For He withholds until that day. He withholds until that day. Fear not to hold on to Him until that day.”

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What is holding back the world from total destruction?

“Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come. Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that He is God. Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things? And now you know what is restraining (withholding), that he may be revealed in his own time. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains (withholds) will do so until He is taken out of the way.” (2 Thessalonians 2:1-7 NKJV)

Something has been restraining or holding back the destructive influences of the Kingdom of Evil and the Elements.

Throughout the centuries of mankind on the earth, the influence of Satan and his evil hoards have only been allowed to spread their sin, pain, misery, and suffering so far. Something has been holding them back from completely dominating men to turn them into slaves and servants of evil. Also, the elements have been restrained from completely destroying mankind with natural catastrophes.

It is interesting to note that Kingdom of Evil and natural disasters are getting more powerful and destructive. Is that a sign that the restraining power of the Holy Spirit is being loosened in preparation for the revealing of the man of sin (son of perdition)?

The scriptures do not specifically reference the Holy Spirit as the one who ‘withholds’, ‘lets’ or ‘restrains’; but is there any doubt to the fact that this is the One who is restraining and withholding? It seems right that He would pull back His restraining powers in anticipation of the son of perdition and the 2nd coming of the Jesus.

It seems obvious the affects of these Kingdom of Evil and Elemental powers will wax (become) worse and worse leading up to that Day in the future when Our Christ shall return and establish His kingdom on the earth. Can we expect the Holy Spirit to further release His restraining power in the coming days? Yes! Evil will grow stronger and more frequent. Yes! The elements will release more destruction and catastrophic events.

What we are currently experiencing from the sinful and hideous behavior of mankind repulses our Christian nature. The weather related catastrophes sickens us as we see so much death and destruction from weather related events. We are rightly offended. Some will say, why does God permit this? A Christian answer to these happening is ‘everything is going according to God’s Plan’, We see His Plan in scriptures. We know what is coming. We are just repulsed by what we see.

Actually what we currently see is ‘the beginning of sorrows’. “ For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows. (Matthew 13: 8 AKJV ) We see war (actual or just around the corner), the Kingdom of Evil rising up strong against all that is Godly, and weather events causing famines and troubles (adversities, hardship, stress and death).

The Day of Repulsion can be considered the beginnings of sorrows. Look at all the evil that surrounds us daily. An example could be the rise in crime rate in numerous cities in the USA. Look at all the weather events causing destruction and death. A good example is the 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake (nearly 60,000 deaths).

Since we who are in the time of beginnings of sorrows, It is only reasonable to think there is more to come and that more to come will be substantially more evil and considerably more devastating than what we have ever seen - leading into the Last Days. The last days will be terrible. John described this time in Revelations.

“15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; 16 and said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17 for the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?” Revelations 6;15-17 (AKJV) In the very, very Last Days this is what you shall hear from those left on the earth.

What will happen in the Last Days AFTER the Days of Repulsion will not be something to look forward to. Satan’s power over man’s lives will increase and the elements will release their devastating power on the earth.

We who are living in these Days of Repulsion may not see all the devastating weather events or see the full power of the Kingdom of Evil , but it will be bad. But we can look forward to the time when “And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.” Mark 13:26. (AKJV) This will be a glorious event for those who are In Christ

What are our instructions during these Days of Repulsion before the actual Last Days? “Fear not to hold on to Him until that day.” Hold on to faith.

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